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Sabda Nabi Muhammad Al Amin

"Dan apabila aku sakit, Dialah Allah yang menyembuhkan aku” (QS. Asy Syu’araa' 80)
"Sebaik-baik pengobatan yang kalian lakukan adalah dengan hijamah" (HR. Muslim 1577)
“Barangsiapa berhijamah pada hari ke-17, ke-19, dan ke-21 maka dia akan sembuh dari segala macam penyakit” (HR. Abu Dawud II/732)

"Barangsiapa yang mendatangi orang pintar atau tukang ramal atau dukun lalu dia membenarkan apa yang diucapkannya, maka sungguh dia telah kafir terhadap apa yang diturunkan kepada Nabi Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam” (HR. Ahmad II Nomor 408, 429, 476 | Al Hakim I/8)

Cupping Blood Treatment Can Be Stop Smoking Addiction

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Cupping Treat Smoking AddictionBad habit of smoking can lead to the formation of oxidants (free radicals). Because in the content of the cigarettes contained H2O2 productivity increases drastically.

If this occurs, the antioxidants will decrease. Toxic substances in cigarettes, such as H2O2 will damage spektrin (skin of red blood cells) even deformability (elasticity) of erythrocytes decreased sharply.

If erythrocytes is not elastic so he was unable to pass through the microvascular (capillary). The result is impaired oxygenation of cells.

As described by the alumni of Basic Medical Science of field S2 (pathobiology) Graduate Program, University of Airlangga (Airlangga University), Surabaya, East Java in 2010, Wahyudi Widada, SKep, MKed.

The scientific study presented in the show Talkshow Tribun Ramadan in Mega Mall Batam, Batam Centre, Riau Islands Province, Tuesday (16/08/2011) then.

"Therapy bleeding from the surface of the skin or bruise is a very powerful way of treatment. Principle works bleeding from a particular area through the media back or other parts.

When the blood sucked out by means of the content of the blood cells are defective will be replaced (the regeneration of red blood cells) by the kidneys and bone marrow," said Wahyudi Widada.

In the thesis I have ever made ​​in 2009 and then, cupping can stimulate the production of new red cells and replace old erythrocytes scrapped because of the exposure to oxidants.

Types of studies that have been done, he added, is Quasy experimental. In the research, the research division of the subject group was divided into two.

The first group of K-0 as control. The trick is done twice taking the median cubital vein blood. Blood was taken by 4 milliliters (4 cc) were performed on the first day and the 15th day.

Furthermore, the group K-1 as a treatment group performed 15 minutes before and 15 days after the cupping cupping blood drawn through the median cubital vein by 4 milliliters.

The conclusion of the research (thesis) he has been revealed erythrocyte deformability values ​​before treatment lowest and highest 85.39 percent 99.05 percent and 93.27 percent average.

Erythrocyte deformability values ​​after treatment, the lowest 91.05 percent, 99.56 percent and the highest average of 96.72 percent.

"In addition to strong intention, with cupping therapy can reduce the craving in a person who had been wanting to quit smoking," said Wahyudi.