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Sabda Nabi Muhammad Al Amin

"Dan apabila aku sakit, Dialah Allah yang menyembuhkan aku” (QS. Asy Syu’araa' 80)
"Sebaik-baik pengobatan yang kalian lakukan adalah dengan hijamah" (HR. Muslim 1577)
“Barangsiapa berhijamah pada hari ke-17, ke-19, dan ke-21 maka dia akan sembuh dari segala macam penyakit” (HR. Abu Dawud II/732)

"Barangsiapa yang mendatangi orang pintar atau tukang ramal atau dukun lalu dia membenarkan apa yang diucapkannya, maka sungguh dia telah kafir terhadap apa yang diturunkan kepada Nabi Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam” (HR. Ahmad II Nomor 408, 429, 476 | Al Hakim I/8)

Demi Moore Also Come to Make a Blood Cupping

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Demi Moore Also Come to Make a Blood CuppingCupping treatment further enliven the world of health in Indonesia in recent years. Not only in Indonesia, in the United States, cupping method has been carried out by several prominent figures in Hollywood.

Among other actress Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears, who also treating by Doctor Petra Zizenbacher of Vienna, Austria.

He is a herbal medicine expert who apply cupping method (cupping) and leeches (leech therapy). This treatment offers a cure of various diseases at prices far cheaper than medical treatment.

Alternative medicine is derived from the Middle East. The word itself is a translation of a bruise hijamah word in Arabic which is the origin of the word which means al hajmu.

Making of al hijamah or suction cupping defined as events with a tool resembling a tube of blood, bleeding from the skin surface by etching. By doing vacuum suction or negative pressure is formed in the cup or letterhead.

Resulting in excess body fluid (red blood cells die) that covered toxin eliminated. Clean and fresh blood into the muscle tissue back to normal stagnated. Oxidant Releasing is a classical treatment methods that have been applied since thousands of years ago.

Cupping is distinguished by two types, namely dry and wet cupping. Dry cupping, cupping process of this kind is done by removing the surface of the skin and massaging the area around without bloodletting.

Dry Cupping is believed to relieve pain in an emergency or used to relieve the pain of the veins backs because the disease causes back pain.

While wet cupping, the cupping therapy is done after the dry. Then proceed to scratch the surface of the skin with a scalpel (sterile) and inhaled by means of cupping (cupping set) to suck the red blood cells are broken.

The blood that comes out is red blood cells that have been damaged by exposure to chemical substances. Ordinary people call it dirty blood.

Inhalation of 3-4 minutes duration. If the dirty blood is up, the indication does not come out again on the surface was scratched.

Al hijamah is one method of treatment that is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad. A therapeutic treatment by removing blood from the sidelines skin.

This technique is very useful to get rid of toxins that have been settled a long time in the body. In addition, al hijamah serves to remove red blood cells that are already dead.

Red blood cells are not useful if allowed to flow in body can lead to disease.

Of this therapeutic method is able to create filters reduction of circulating blood circulation. So that conditions become normal blood.

Actually, besides al hijamah methods, there is another type of treatment works closely with al hijamah.

Among these are pashed and alaqoh. Pashed al hijamah similar to, but different ways to take his blood.

Blood taken with pashed technique is not from the side of the skin, rather than arterial blood (veins).

While alaqoh a blood sample by means of leeches. The third method is basically the same but just a different way of application.