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Sabda Nabi Muhammad Al Amin

"Dan apabila aku sakit, Dialah Allah yang menyembuhkan aku” (QS. Asy Syu’araa' 80)
"Sebaik-baik pengobatan yang kalian lakukan adalah dengan hijamah" (HR. Muslim 1577)
“Barangsiapa berhijamah pada hari ke-17, ke-19, dan ke-21 maka dia akan sembuh dari segala macam penyakit” (HR. Abu Dawud II/732)

"Barangsiapa yang mendatangi orang pintar atau tukang ramal atau dukun lalu dia membenarkan apa yang diucapkannya, maka sungguh dia telah kafir terhadap apa yang diturunkan kepada Nabi Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam” (HR. Ahmad II Nomor 408, 429, 476 | Al Hakim I/8)

Cancer Turns Black After Oxidant Releasing Treatment

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The magic of cupping treatment or therapy oxidant more fascinating. Actually, not only in Batam, Indonesia.

In other countries such as the Middle East, Europe, America, and Australia, cupping be the best methods of choice.

In addition to low cost, practical and efficient handling. Tumor disease or cancer, for example, is very effective treated with cupping manner.

A few days ago, the treatment of breast cancer patients come to us. The condition is quite alarming cancer.

Alhamdulillah, with this kind of therapy, the condition is getting better now.

Around the surface of breast cancer afflicted gradually dry out after being ejected blood dirty.

Generally, pre-intervention, specifically with cancer, the surface of the skin around the breast cancer aqueous (wet), pus, and the aroma is not pleasant.

After the first cupping, three days later the surface begins to dry. The aroma was not friendly odorless will plummeted again.

In addition, breast cancer cells were previously rosy slowly so blackened (dead or withered).

Why is the surface of the body parts were seized with rosy color cancer cells? This is because cancer cells are very active.

The nature of the cancer cells very volatile especially if it has metastasized (spread).

With automatic cupping therapy, cancer cells in the blood which are soluble and sucked out.

High oxygen circulation in the injured area will occur as a result of cancer. Slowly so that the cancer cells are flushed to wither.

Of course for advanced cancer can not be done once oxidant therapy. But it must be done in unfinished simultaneous treatment. Unless the condition is not severe or new symptoms early.

Medical principle of this treatment is removing damaged blood cells (dirty blood) which is where the cancer cells alive.

We know that under the skin, muscle, or fascia there is a point or a point that has special properties.

Among other points, the points are interconnected by longitudinal and transverse form nets. This mesh can be equated with meridians or habi.

With the net then there is a close relationship interdepartmental body to form an inseparable unity and can react simultaneously.

Abnormalities that occur at one point can be contagious and affect other points. Treatment at one point, for example, the course will treat the other point.